Designing the HDB interior requires a great deal of effort. And here at Thom Signature, we understand what has to be completed for our customer in order. While there are many people in Singapore who seek to put a Brand-new house, furnishing the home with furniture that follows a theme. There remains another set of homeowners that are interested in taking a renovation package, revamping the house to rebuild the appearance of the house which was attained. Thom Signature knows homeowners that are not currently looking to make the interior of a home from scratch and our interior designers and designers; we want to help our customers in the revamping of the homes. Whether it putting our attention in areas like the bedroom or is redecorating the inside, Thom Signature does it all.

HDB renovations in Singapore cannot a task that cannot be done by the Homeowners themselves. Without knowledge and the expertise, help from design specialists are required to aid in preparation and the design. Our designers will work with you and find out what sort of appearance you desire. The selection of themes that we provide is from Scandinavian, transitional rustic to contemporary. By talking with us, we will know how to design the inside in accordance with your preferences. We all know what to do for you to find that in your home if happens to be your top priority. On the other hand, if materials, supplies and furniture are your main Concern you can tell yourself that you are in good hands when you are currently taking a renovation bundle with Thom Signature up.

hdb renovation package

We have got the knowledge in knowing where to source for materials for a price that is reasonable, ensuring our customers are getting their money’s worth. Then you are certain to get it if it is a kitchen interior which you desire. With that said, we are also proud to state that our design specialists know about regulations and the hdb renovation package. They are certain to redesign your HDB. Getting in touch with one of our designers does not mean that they are the ones making the decisions. We welcome any of your thoughts or suggestions you might have for us having an open mind give our planners that are inner a heads up before diving. So you are pleased with the appearance of your apartment we make certain to think of a solution for you according to your requirements.