We as a whole are stressed over this contamination. We are uneasy and not sure about what we should do to design or what is expected to avoid it and how we and our families will suffer if we get it. This is common, anyway paying little mind to this, am astounded that there is apparently little notification of God in this condition. If any of you have examined the Bible you think about the contaminations and starvations and disasters. They were oftentimes to bring God’s children, back to this present reality. To help them with seeing they were pulverizing themselves with terrible affinities. They expected to have their eyes opened, before they destroyed themselves. In others words, these infections were routinely proposed to help save God’s children. If they changed their ways and got back to living impartially they would be saved.

covid - 19

As have associated with this, keep thinking about whether this Virus is not one of the habits in which God has allowed we as a whole to look at ourselves and see that maybe we need to reveal certain upgrades in our own lives. Today what number of person’s state they do not acknowledge there is a God. What number of people has left their certainty, their religion, and their significant feelings and have chosen to follow the sorts of conduct that the vast majority will acknowledge as ordinary. How quickly and adequately they make pardons for their decision. All fingers are featured the reasons they choose to leave. That it is so normal to leave God and not acknowledge.

If you read, in the consecrated compositions, the events when people left was because they shown up at a condition of pride and achievement and it seems, by all accounts, to be closed they did not need God any more. It is apparently a cycle that happened over and over. We are at present in that cycle. We need not bother with a great deal. We are altogether prosperous, all around. We have all we require and have Shincheonji. I’m speaking to the overall population am straightforwardly in.  look at the penchants for a few, if not most. The 10 principles add up to nothing.

What do they say? Try not to take the name of the Lord vain, Keep the Sabbath day brilliant, Honor they Father and Mother, Shall not kill, Shall not submit treachery, Shall not take, would not shoulder sham spectator lie, Shall not want need or envy someone else It would be ideal on the off chance that you read them. As said already, progressively more are expressing they do not believe in God, Swearing is typical. What are we doing on Sunday? Families are falling to pieces, Adultery? Standard spot, Steal, murder? Our confinement offices are overflowing with all of the people who got caught. Ought not something to be said about others?