The residential or commercial properties of the fluid crystal optic construction of the mobile membrane layer, at nano-scale, are taken into consideration to view the existence of holographic truth. This recognition is transmitted to consciousness via endorphins creating a Golden Mean pattern acknowledgment enjoyment, including an electromagnetic process the Greek Knowledge Through Charm concept. The altering healthy protein patterns are recognized to be revealing aspects of boundless fractal geometry, which, in ancient Mesopotamia was called sacred geometry. The geometry’s organization with the style of living things was shown to students consisting of Leonardo ad Vinci, during the 15th Century by Fibonacci as well as Aioli, when they introduced Babylonian mathematics to European civilization.

Aioli summarized this mathematical link to biology with his well-known quote Like God, the Divine Percentage is constantly comparable to itself , this is recognized today to be an expression of the unlimited property of fractal reasoning. Such layout geometry is discovered in the building and construction of living things, such as pine-cones, sunflowers as well as pineapples. The Particle of Emotion, found in C60 fullerene structure, progresses by boosting the rate of its molecular movement as an infinite fractal expression. The Mesopotamian math can now be connected to an emotional Platonic Greek science called The scientific research for ethical ends. However, that certain scientific research was derived, not from the Babylonian Mystery institutions, however from Mesopotamia’s ancient Egyptian Mystery colleges, as was found by the mathematician, Buckminster Fuller.


Nanotechnology has actually revealed that the difference in between Fuller’s findings from the Egyptian institutions and the mathematical findings by Bertrand Russell and also Albert Einstein, stemmed from the Babylonian colleges, is important. As Fuller noted, this difference has to do with making a choice in between Utopia or Oblivion. Bertrand Russell’s most preferred essay, created in 1904, entitled A Freeman’s Worship, urged we should withstand the regular power of mayhem and misery related to Einstein’s world-view. Their shared world-view held that the 2nd regulation of thermodynamics, known additionally as the legislation of universal disorder, need to constantly control our scientific society. That law of course consists of the science promoting global financial rationalism.

Russell and also Einstein firmly insisted that when the universe at some point emitted all of its power out right into cold room, after that all life in the universe must be ruined. Russell described this miserable end to everything, as a World in thermodynamic spoil. Nevertheless, this idea has actually been confirmed to be wrong. The recent CERN experiment, released by the journal Nature, revealed that passing away novae in the Milky Way sent out planetary radiation with millions of years of space-time to affect the advancement of life on earth. This cosmic radiation from novae in the Galaxy creates clouds on earth to generate rainfall. This discovery created chaos within the European carbon credit score economic situation, which is currently on the point of collapse. A lot for worldwide economic rationalism.