PC Access Control applications are Applications made to prevent users from accessing certain files or attributes on a PC. They also inhibit a user’s ability to change the design or operation of the computer, and some applications will monitor keystrokes and take screenshots. These programs are best for public computers or parents who are concerned with their child’s use of the household computer.any desk

Different Kinds of PC Access Control Apps


If workers are spending too much time media on Facebook or Twitter, a program access control program may be the solution. Using an Internet remote access software application, you can prevent access to specific sites, or determine what sites to allow ани деск. You could also make a schedule determining the hours once the World Wide Web is available for use. Parents will appreciate this software since they may set daily usage limitations. Most programs provide customizable settings and schedules based on the user.


Remote access applications that maintain the integrity of a Computer’s desktop or configurations are a must-have for school and library computer labs. Bored teenagers will often find methods to tamper with people computers, whether it is by altering the background, screensaver, or renaming or deleting desktop files or folders. If the natural condition of your desktop computer is changed, reboot the computer and all of the folders and settings will reappear.

Examples: Advanced Desktop Shield, Access Controller


The fundamental function of file access software is to stop documents from being viewed, implemented, altered, or deleted. You can protect files and folders with a password, or hide files from public view. Specific file access control programs offer wider control, because it is possible to customize what applications are available at what time like the Internet or computer games. Programs are also available that allow encryption security, and can be achieved simply by right-clicking on a document and selecting the lock option.

Examples: Document and Folder Privacy, File Access Scheduler, Advanced File Vault

Usage Monitor

Another popular type of application is one constructed to track usage. Employers can quickly learn which workers get easily distracted on the World Wide Web, or how long an employee’s screen sits idle. Parents can discover how many hours a day a program is used, or if their child spends outrageous amounts of time playing computer games. Furthermore, any files or programs which are installed or uninstalled could be monitored, together with the contents of any added media.