When you are in the market looking to buy an electric scooter, it is almost like buying any other ride, like a motorcycle or a car. There are tons of options and variations to choose from. You need to pick a ride which is comfortable and easy to handle for you in the longer run. You could buy anything from a nearly inexpensive scooter to one of those fancy ones with all the bells and whistles that could cost you a lot.

long range scooter

‘You get what you pay for’, an old cliché but so true. While you can buy an electric scooter that is under 300$, you can’t expect highest quality build, a long range electric scooter, strong motors and rigid performance. These machines would however serve you best for occasional short recreational rides.

If you wish to spend a little more, you could get yourself a ride from the commuter tier. Now depending of the type of daily commutes you intend to take, you could purchase from a mid-range to an absolute workhorse that could practically replace your other means of daily transport around the city streets.

Electric scooter are eco-friendly as they do not have emissions and therefore should be able to help the environment. While choosing one, you should pay attention to the motors, acceleration rate, brakes and the wheels. While some of these are replaceable, you do not wish to tie-up your investment into something that breaks frequently.

The build quality and the stowaway capabilities are also to be considered. While strong frames and heavy materials could guarantee a better long lasting experience, you may simply find it too clunky or beefy to carry it around, especially down a flight of stairs.

The best thing to do is to visit the showroom and do some comparisons. They may have some test units to try out which would give an excellent idea of how they would handle under your usage.